As you most likely are aware, large social networks encourage users to manage existing real life connections onto their site.

Users are being discouraged from initiating contact with strangers, which is considered spamming; and violations of this rule most likely means longer and longer temporary suspension of user privileges, and eventually account termination for chronic, repeating offenders.

Pre, is what we have termed a Social Acquaintance Facilitator. It does the opposite by helping you discover, online, new friends and people to do activities with.

The way it works is you fill a profile form.

Yes we know...a profile :)

However, is not long, stupid, embarrassing or confusing or anything like that. It makes sense and it works. Our profile strikes a balance between "getting enough information" and "not being too long".

Pre is not in any way a dating site either. There are plenty of those around already.

What is really does, is it acquaints; in other words, it introduces you to people, places and businesses.

Spamming is not tolerated either on Pre. But making new connections with others who want to do the same is accepted here.

Get connected. Get . We welcome you.